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Learn to sew on your Featherweight or 301

We'll walk you through general care and use of your machine, including winding a bobbin, threading the upper thread, stitch length, and troubleshooting!  You'll be up and running with confidence in no time.

Course Cirriculum


  • How to use this course
  • A message from the Instructor

 Chapter 1: Your Beautiful Featherweight

  • History of the Featherweight
  • Serial number & machine dating
  • Anatomy of the machine

 Chapter 2: Bobbin

  • Bobbin style, old vs. new 
  • Winding the bobbin 
  • Loading bobbin into bobbin case 
  • Authentic vs Reproduction bobbin case
  • Adjusting bobbin tension
  • Properly insert bobbin case into machine

 Chapter 3: Threading

  • Properly insert needle
  • Upper threading
  • Bringing up the bobbin thread

 Chapter 4: Sewing

  • Using handwheel to start
  • Adjusting and balancing tension
  • Adjusting stitch length, reverse

 Chapter 5: Troubleshooting

  • Common issues and solutions
  • Overview of accessories
  • Featherweight maintenance

Chapter 7: BONUS

  • Differences when using a Singer 222k
  • Differences when using a Singer 301

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